Conservative Justin Amash Explains His Vote Against the Keystone XL Pipeline

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash was the only Republican in either the House or Senate to vote against approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Why’d he do it? Amash says that while he supports the pipeline, the bill contained “cronyist” elements. “The latest ‪#‎KXL‬ bill combines the cronyism of previous bills—specially exempting one private company from the laws and regulations that apply to all other companies—with new, unrelated sections empowering the EPA and the federal Read more […]

The Keystone XL Pipeline Deal is Now in President Obama’s Hands

After months (nay, years?) of telling anyone who will listen that he plans to veto the Keystone XL Pipeline (if it ever passed) the President will finally have his opportunity to follow through on that threat. The problem is that it comes at a relatively bad time to be doing such a silly thing. The Republican led Congress is now ready to move forward on a flurry of new legislation and the President’s Veto Pen sounds like it will be active… and this could make the President (and Democrats by extension) Read more […]

Senator Ted Cruz says he Would Abolish the IRS!

This is why we LOVE Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). He may not have crowds of adoring fans among the establishment, but his willingness to say the things we so desperately want to hear means that we grassroots conservatives hang on his every word. Ted Cruz actually says he wants to abolish the IRS!    Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said Monday that Republicans should take advantage of their control of Congress to abolish the Internal Revenue Service. “We need to pass fundamental tax reform Read more […]

Senate Democrats KILL Keystone XL Pipeline – For Now…

Well, that’s it then. Senate Democrats have killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, which means that Republicans won’t have another chance to pass it until the new Congress in January. This should effectively kill Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) hopes of being reelected in December. Here’s the Roll Call of the vote if you’re interested…   Legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline was narrowly defeated by Senate Democrats Tuesday night after pro-pipeline lawmakers failed Read more […]