As Expected, Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline Bill

We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Obama has vetoed the bill allowing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, giving himself control over its future: With no fanfare and a 104-word letter to the Senate, Mr. Obama vetoed legislation to authorize construction of a 1,179-mile pipeline that would carry 800,000 barrels of heavy petroleum a day from the oil sands of Alberta to ports and refineries on the Gulf Coast. In exercising the unique power of the Oval Office for only the third Read more […]

Drop in Gas Prices Will Reverse by the Fall

According to a former executive at Shell Oil, we should expect to see gas prices go back up by the fall of this year. The reason? American oil producers are idling their oil rigs in this time of overabundant supply: In an interview with CNBC, former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister predicts that U.S. oil could skyrocket from the current levels under $48 a barrel to $80 by this fall, just as consumers are getting used to the windfall from lower gas prices. That would force gas prices to double, Read more […]

EPA Belches Hot Air Against Keystone Pipeline–But Should Conservatives Support It?

The main opposition to the building of the Keystone Pipeline is based on the superstition that man-made carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming. Let’s pretend, for the sake of argument, that man-made global warming is real. How much difference would the Keystone Pipeline make? Perhaps the Environmental Protection Agency can tell us. They seem to think they can do so. According to the Hill’s Congress blog, The EPA recently openly criticized the State Department, accusing them of underestimating Read more […]