The Death Tax is Literally Killing Small Businesses!

It’s better to die in the dead of Winter if you’re a small business owner in the air conditioning repair industry. An off-season death means you’ll have a smaller inventory, which means the government will have to settle for a smaller percentage of your property when you die, and your family will have a better chance of keeping the company. That’s the bizarre reality for many members of HARDI, a trade association composed of about 500 heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration distributors. Read more […]

Government Finally Gets Around to Stopping Welfare Payments to Nazi’s

Um. Shouldn’t this not even be a thing?  Why is our government finally JUST getting around to stopping welfare (this time in the form of social security payouts) for Nazi war criminals? How many Nazi war criminals were we giving social security to before? And why were we doing this? It’s nice to see the bipartisan show of force – standing up to these now geriatric Nazi’s… but really, shouldn’t we have made this rule 50 years ago? Exactly how much money did we spend on these racist war criminals?   Democrats Read more […]