Keith Ellison: Gun Deaths Need to be Treated “Like a Disease”

I wonder if Congressman Ellison would also want auto accident fatalities treated like a disease. They certainly happen a lot more frequently than “gun deaths.” My guess is that murders committed with other means such as hammers, clubs or one’s fists wouldn’t be considered as some kind of epidemic. In fact, liberals don’t even care about those types of murders. All they care about are murders committed with guns, particularly semi-automatic rifles. Keith, a Democrat (and Sunni Muslim) Read more […]

How Labor Unions Celebrate Labor Day

Five Things Labor Unions Do to Celebrate Labor Day For many Americans, Labor Day means one last long weekend to end the summer. But the U.S. Department of Labor describes the holiday as “a creation of the labor movement,” meaning labor unions. So how would organized labor celebrate? 1. Make union organizing a civil right. Democrats Georgia Rep. John Lewis and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison have introduced a bill that would that would do just that. The congressmen argue that the current National Read more […]