Donald Trump’s Female Employees Love Him… Just Not as President

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticized in the past for comments perceived as sexist, but Trump and several of his female employees say he is great for women. Trump’s comments about rival Carly Fiorina and FOX News host Megyn Kelly drew sharp criticism across the political spectrum, but Trump tells The Washington Post he’s done a great amount to help women in the workplace. “I have been very, very good for women. I was way ahead of the curve,” Trump says Read more […]

Karl Rove: Only Way to Stop Gun Violence is to Repeal the 2nd Amendment

Why do people differentiate between “gun violence” and every other form of violence that doesn’t happen to involve a gun? No one on the political stage cares anything about knife violence, hammer and bat violence, or violence involving one’s feet and fists. No one cares about people committing suicide using rope or slitting one’s wrists. It’s always the “gun suicides” they care about. The only kind of violence that needs solutions is “gun violence.” Every other form of violence Read more […]

Karl Rove Attacks Fellow Republican

In June, Karl Rove was speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival when he made a comment that is now shocking the conservative world: “The most liberal Republican is Justin Amash of Michigan. Far more liberal than any other Republican… And why? Because he is a 100 percent, purist libertarian… and if it’s not entirely perfect, ‘I’m voting with [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi.’” This comes as quite a shock to Amash and his supporters whose disdain for the liberal policies of the Read more […]

The Karl Rove Cartel Will Now Pick Your Rhinos

By now all Americans—regardless of their political ideology, especially conservatives—should be fed up with the government failures produced by political operatives and big money’s influence in our elections. Election after election, powerbrokers like the infamous political Republican strategist Karl Rove and his campaign money machine are working to deprive Americans of the fundamental concept of choice in our elections. If Mr. Rove continues to have his way, conservative Americans will only Read more […]