Paying the Fee to See the Private Grave of Karl Marx

I love these kinds of stories—when the incongruity between concept and reality exposes the ideological cracks in leftist thinking. It turns out that the privately owned cemetery, Highgate Cemetery in London, where Karl Marx is buried charges a fee to see his memorial. Karl Marx, the father of communism and a zealous proponent of the abolition of private property. Yes. That Karl Marx. His grave and memorial site are a paid attraction, and lots of people are willing to pay to see it. That’s Read more […]

Obama Supporters Happy With Obama’s Endorsement of Karl Marx for President

I had no idea Karl Marx was even alive, much less running for president. And apparently, Obama’s endorsed him. (Well, that much we already knew.) At least according to the ever-ridiculous Mark Dice, who keeps trying to find that point where other people won’t believe the preposterous things that he says are true. So far, he’s just proven how gullible people are. All he has to do is wear an Obama t-shirt, and people fall for whatever prank he’s pulling. I dare you to get through this without Read more […]