Kansas Enacts Law Allowing Concealed Carry without Permit; Man Uses it Against 2 Armed Robbers

Some conservatives like to quip, “The 2nd Amendment is my permit.” I think even that isn’t true. Remember, the Constitution doesn’t grant us rights. The whole idea was that these were God-given rights and that the government couldn’t take them away or give them. The Bill of Rights were written acknowledgments of these rights with explicit restrictions placed on the government, not the people. A couple weeks ago, Kansas started allowing people to carry concealed guns without a permit. Read more […]

Michelle Obama Ruining Graduation for 800 High Schoolers and Families

Every year, the president, vice president and many other politicians and celebrities receive hundreds of requests to speak at high school and college graduations.  Who knows what prompts them to select their choices, but a lucky few schools are chosen.  You would think the students and their parents would be excited to have a famous celebrity speak at their graduation, but that is not the case for 5 Topeka, Kansas high schools. The school board in Topeka was among the hundreds of schools that Read more […]