California Democrat put together a Private Police Force!

More Democrat malfeasance from the left-coast, a high ranking California Democrat has been accused of using a private police force to handle personal business.    An aide to rising Democratic star Kamala Harris stands accused of operating a supposedly 3,000-year-old rogue police force that claims jurisdiction in 33 states. Members of The Masonic Fraternal Police Department claim the force was established by the Knight’s Templars in 1100 B.C. and “provides services” to Read more […]

10 Day Waiting Period Burdens 2nd Amendment Says Judge

If I were to ask you what state has the most liberal judges of any state, how would you answer?  If I were asked that question, I would immediately, without hesitation, answer California.  Various California judges have repeatedly ruled for homosexuals, against Christians, against families and against the constitutional rights of the people. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when I heard about the ruling of a federal judge in California.  Several groups have filed legal action against Read more […]