Vigilantism Against Pedophiles Outlines the Failures of the “Justice” System

Sarah Sands lived in the same complex with a convicted child molester, Michael Pleasted, who had a child-molesting criminal record dating back to 1970. Two weeks before he died, Michael Pleasted, aged 77, was charged with molesting two more boys. Sarah Sands killed him with a knife one night after coming to the conclusion that the law was not going to protect other boys from becoming victims. Whether or not she was right, she’s now doing time. Unlike Michael Pleasted, who was living the pedophiles Read more […]

Debtors Prison Back in Vogue

I once languished in debtors prison. When I was about seventeen, I got strep throat something terrible. It got so bad I couldn’t swallow my own saliva without great pain. I was lying in my bed trying to recuperate when my father came to my door: “Son, the police are here for you.” “Huh? What for?” I croaked out. “I don’t know. They say they have a bench warrant for your arrest.” “Okay.” I got up and put on some clothes. Two officers were standing in the hallway. “Hi. Read more […]