The Economy Is Great! But If It’s Not, Blame Bush!

The Democrats love to have their cake and eat it, too. Ever since the beginning of the Obama administration, any criticism that couldn’t be attributed to racism has immediately been attributed to former president Bush. Rather, any time Obama can’t spin his way out of an economic disaster, his next move is to say that he inherited a mess, and he is still cleaning it up. On the other hand, I’ve recently noticed numerous Democrats praising Obama for the improving economy. Huh? You cannot claim that Read more […]

New Poll: George W. Bush Still to Blame

George W. Bush hasn’t been in office for nearly half a decade. But people are still blaming him for our current political mess. According to a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, 50 percent of people surveyed think Bush is more to blame for our current economic mess than Obama (only 38% think it’s Obama’s fault). This is in spite of the fact that 79 percent of those surveyed believe the country is still in a recession. Which means people apparently believe that Bush’s Read more […]