Black Judge Lets Black Armed Burglar Off With Probation, Condemns White Victims for “Racism”

A black judge was more offended by a three-year-olds “racism” after being terrorized at gunpoint by a black male, than by the perpetrator. A couple years ago, a couple of armed criminals broke in a family’s home and held the married couple and their 3-year-old daughter at gunpoint while ransacking the place and stealing the family’s valuables. The criminal duo happened to be black. Now, according the parents, their then 3-year-old daughter is afraid of black men. This fact deeply offended Read more […]

Judge Arrested for DUI, Has Fellow Judge Dismiss her Charges for Her

A judge arrested for the same law you or I might get arrested for doesn’t have to play by the same rules. A Texas judge got pulled over back in July and was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Not to worry though. Everyone knows the ruling class is exempt from the rules they enforce on everyone else. Counter Current News reported: A Texas judge has just dismissed all Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges for a fellow judge: 13th Court of Appeals Justice Nora Longoria. This special Read more […]

This Single Mother of Two Has a Concealed Carry Permit; Now She’s Facing 11 Years in Prison

My9 New Jersey Judges will routinely overturn state gay marriage bans that have been democratically decided in those states on the dubious basis that such a ban is a Constitutional violation. But a gun ban is perfectly Constitutional, even though we have a pretty clear-cut prohibition of such a ban found in the 2nd Amendment. What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand? Apparently, all of it in New Jersey. Philadelphia single mother of two Shaneen Allen has a concealed Read more […]

Liberal Judge Protects Planned Parenthood From Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood in the state of Washington is so big and powerful that it seems attorneys are afraid to take them on and judges protect them when they are wrong. A year ago, a woman identified only as SJ filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Tacoma.  The woman went to Planned Parenthood in June 2011 to receive an injection of the birth control known as Depo Provera.  Before administering the shot, which is administered every three months, one must be given a pregnancy Read more […]

Judge Stops Houston’s Lesbian Mayor From Providing Benefits To Same-Sex Partners

Nearly a month ago, I reported that Houston’s lesbian Mayor, Annise Parker, a Democrat of course, had defied Texas state law and declared that she was extending benefits to employees and their same-sex spouses that had been legally married in others states that allowed for same-sex marriages.  Like President Obama’s example of bypassing Congress and just making law himself, Parker made her edict without going to the city council first. Not only does the Texas State Constitution define marriage Read more […]

“Left Coast” Judge: Open Carrying Handgun Is NOT Reasonable Suspicion Of A Crime

I just wrote about a case involving an open gun-carrier whose confrontation with police stemmed from “suspicious activity,” which involved nothing more than walking around in public with a gun. Even though the charges against the man were dropped, the man filed a lawsuit against the police for false arrest. He lost the case. The judge had ruled that open carrying constitutes reasonable suspicion for police to believe that a crime has either been committed or is about to be committed. So, according Read more […]

Judge Rules To End Debt Slavery For Stockton, CA

We finally have some great news for the financial future of all of us. As Mish reported yesterday, “Today a judge ruled that the city of Stockton California is indeed bankrupt and that the city acted in good faith. Creditors asked the judge to void the bankruptcy, saying the city could raise taxes instead.” Since people should pay their debts, some conservatives might complain about this situation. So let me explain why it is a wonderful decision. First, regarding debt in general, no one Read more […]