JP Morgan Getting Rich From Food Stamps

When Barack Obama took office in January 2009, 31.9 million Americans were receiving food stamps.  Currently, there are 47.7 million Americans receiving food stamps.  That’s an increase of 15.8 million people, 49.5% in less than 5 years.  It is the largest increase for any president in US history. In comparison, the average monthly increase in the number of people receiving food stamps under President Bush was 304,000 per month.  Under Obama, the monthly average reached a peak of over 475,000 Read more […]

J. P. Morgan campaigns for Obama using… the iPhone 5?

The myth that Obama is the candidate of “the people” was never credible. He has always been a protector of big corporations because that is what big government does: provide special favors and monopolies and protections for huge and inefficient corporations so that they don’t need to face the realities of a free market. Big corporations respond by giving politicians campaign cash and other benefits. So it should come as no surprise that J. P. Morgan is going to bizarre lengths to figure Read more […]