Does Robert Lewis Dear Really Represent Pro-Lifers?

Hours after purported pro-life activist Robert Lewis Dear killed three and wounded nine at a Colorado Planned Parenthood facility on Friday, pro-choice activists were already blaming the shooting on pro-life rhetoric. Is this connection fair? There are many threads to this discussion. First, the only evidence we have that Dear was motivated by hatred for Planned Parenthood is a single statement reported by a single source who demanded anonymity since he was not authorized to discuss the ongoing Read more […]

Peter King Shows GOP Desperate For Anything To Avoid Rand Paul Win

Peter King, a Republican congressman from New York state, claims that “people” have asked him to consider running for the Presidency in 2016. If that is true, then we see desperation running wild among establishment Republicans. What else could drive anyone to place their hopes in such a big-mouthed, untelegenic, mean, pompous candidate? The best sense I can make from it is that someone is spreading money to get GOP candidates who will make Jeb Bush appear moderate. That would be an interesting Read more […]