Trump Defends Waterboarding… Kind Of

  Donald Trump was on ABC News with Jon Karl when Karl asked him what for most candidates might be a loaded question… but not for Donald Trump. Karl broached the ever unpopular “enhanced interrogation” question by wondering if Trump would consider using such methods if he became President. Trump was unequivocal in his response. Jon Karl: Would President Trump authorize waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques? Even torture? Donald Trump: I would be inclined to Read more […]

Ohio Governor John Kasich says He’s Most Experienced Candidate in GOP Field

Ohio’s Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is a darkhorse candidate for the GOP nomination to the White House. He is popular in his purple home state and he has extensive credibility as a capable politician. He’s also well-liked in establishment circles and hasn’t completely alienated himself from conservatives (though he’s pushed them to the brink). However, Kasich simply does not have the gravitas¬†to conquer this GOP field, especially with¬†other capable and experienced candidates (like Jeb Bush, Bobby Read more […]