God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers

In 1970, American icon John Wayne hosted a variety show celebration of America’s history and concluded the show with a beautiful and long-remembered rendition of God Bless America. Tomorrow, on Veterans Day, please consider the Duke’s commentary to his fellow Americans: “Tomorrow remember, this is my country and I’m going to do good for it. It just might work. We’ll never know unless we give it a fair try. Oh yeah, there’s one other thing I’ll say tomorrow, because I say it every Read more […]

John Wayne’s Lesson on Patriotism

Today’s stars could learn a lot from the celebrities of yesteryear. Men like John Wayne proudly loved our country and didn’t mind telling everyone so. We need more John Wayne’s and less of modern Hollywood. The video below is John Wayne’s Tribute To America – Swing Out, Sweet Land. Fast forward to 1:11:45  to get the gist of what the entire feature length show was about… enjoy!   Read more […]