On Funny or Die, Planned Parenthood, and Being the Right Kind of Fool

You all know Funny or Die, I’m guessing. They are presumably a comedy website. But recently, they joined the leftist fight to protect Planned Parenthood from its “vicious attackers” by posting an “exclusive” “comedy” video entitled “The Shocking Truth About Planned Parenthood.” Ironically, Funny or Die chose literal death over comedy, and the results only add to the horror rising in me as I watch the Planned Parenthood saga unfold. To begin, and perhaps most disappointingly, Read more […]

A Win for Freedom! New Mexico Passes Bill to Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture

The state of New Mexico is moving forward to right one of the greatest wrongs in our legal system. New Mexico may soon be abolishing the despicable practice of civil asset forfeiture. Civil Asset Forfeiture is one of the most disgusting legal practices that our generally good local government, and police all seem to take part. If you’re not sure what civil asset forfeiture is, then please take a few minutes to watch this very informational but also very funny primer on the subject by HBO comedian Read more […]

Horrible! Wyoming Republican Governor Vetoes Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill!

In a horrible case of stabbing the voters in the back, a Republican Governor in a conservative state has refused support the will of the people and vetoed a bill that would reform civil asset forfeiture laws in his state. Civil Asset forfeiture is a disgusting miscarriage of justice (in most cases) and should not be allowed in a nation where laws govern and men are supposed to be free. If you’re unsure what civil asset forfeiture is and why it should “reformed” (or completely done away with)…     Sources Read more […]

How Climate Change Skepticism Became The New Smoking

“There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn’t there.” – Thomas Hardy The American liberal can be defined by many traits, but the single, overriding trait that best describes liberalism is “ideological blindness.” Within the panoply of closely held liberal beliefs, very few have any significant supporting evidence on which they are built. The way in which liberals come to believe something is not based in logic, but emotions. The secondary driving force after Read more […]