Chris Christie thinks it’s Way too Early to Count Him Out!

Earlier this week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) sat down with Bloomberg Politics journalist John Heilemann to discuss the state of the Presidential race and where Christie thought he stood at this point in the race. One of the more interesting points in the conversation came when Christie addressed the ever present issue of Donald Trump. Christie also covered why he thinks he’s the best candidate for the nomination, his thoughts on national security and who’s better Bon Jovi or Bruce Read more […]

Harry Reid Apologizes for Being a Racist

Harry Reid is eating crow… again. The senior Senator from the state of Nevada and the leader of House Democrats is once again embroiled in a racism scandal. He was recently speaking to the Las vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce in the hope that they would support Democrat candidates in the upcoming election. In an effort to ingratiate himself to the crowd he made a couple of racist jokes… because …? Here is your leader of the House Democrats in all his glory. “I don’t think Read more […]