In Pennsylvania Two Candidates Going Opposite Directions

It’s been a good election season thus far for Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) who is pretty popular in his home state and holds a comfortable lead against his rival Joe Sestak (D-PA). However, this last week hasn’t been so good for Sestak. Over the July 4th weekend Sestak was engaged in personal politicking during a 4th of July event in Pennsylvania – shaking hands, kissing babies, etc. The only problem was that Sestak kept trampling poor, defenseless children as he went around trying to win votes. And… Read more […]

Watch Democrat Call Out Obama’s ISIS Lie

President Obama gave an interview over the weekend where he chose to lay the blame for underestimating ISIS at the feet of our intelligence community. The White House is already receiving blowback from the intelligence community and the media for the ridiculous assertion that this was a failure of intelligence. The fact is at the same time that Obama was downplaying the danger of the ISIS thugs – the intelligence community was warning that ISIS was growing ever stronger and more dangerous. (The Read more […]