Bill Maher Slams Liberals for Defending Islam

Bill Maher was a guest on the jimmy Kimmel show on Wednesday night – which was propitious considering the way things had just unfolded in Paris. Maher has been attacked on numerous occasions for his candor on Islam and the violence that seems to follow the religion wherever it spreads. However, events like the one in Paris seem to validate his beliefs yet he continues to be the lone liberal voice of reason on our fight with Islam.     JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST: A terrible thing Read more […]

Does Bill Clinton Deserve More Credit for Winning the Korean War? Obama Supporter Thinks So

“News” media talking heads on the television screen read teleprompters, frame a false debate for their naïve viewers and give them false choices. This is really the heart of opinion manipulation. Because people are stupid, they think that the “correct” answer must be one of the two options given, and it’s up to them to make a choice. You know, like “We report, you decide.” More like, “We’ll give you a couple approved opinions to have, and we’ll disregard, ignore or slander all other Read more […]

Liberals Call For Censorship Of Child’s Innocence On Jimmy Kimmel

There was a protest of reportedly over 1,000 people at ABC’s headquarters in Burbank, CA, on Friday over a Jimmy Kimmel segment that aired almost a month ago in which Kimmel has a discussion with a group of children about the United States’ $1.3-trillion debt. Except the protesters weren’t exactly protesting the segment itself, but one particular child who, in his innocence, said something supposedly offensive. Kimmel asked the table of who look like 7-year-olds how America should handle its Read more […]