Biden is a Big Fan of Transgenders in the Military

Vice President Joe Biden took the Obama administration’s stance on transgenders in the military to the next level Saturday, saying it represents the “civil rights issue of our time.” The Obama administration is in the middle of deliberating whether to officially end the ban on transgenders serving openly in the military and has largely held off making any major pronouncements, despite supporting a Pentagon review examining the issue, The Associated Press reports. But Saturday at an Read more […]

Gas Prices Down; Time for Gas Tax Hike?

Republicans are joining Democrats in favoring a gas tax hike. Never let a crisis go to waste. Or in this case, never let an opportunity pass you by. We normal, lower and middle class Americans may have been enjoying the fall in gas prices recently, giving us a sense of nostalgia about life six years ago. Around where I live, gas is around $2.05. I filled up my 2003 Honda Pilot for under $40. But all good things must come to an end. All politicians see is an opportunity to raise taxes (or, excuse Read more […]

Why Bother With Congress When You Make 66 Regulations a Day?

Last week someone wrote about Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) warning that President Obama was using regulations to kill the economy and everything good about America.  Evidently, Sen. Inhofe’s warning was just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t know if Obama was preparing to enact as much legislation as he could before possibly losing the election or what, but a new report out states that in the last 90 days, the Obama administration has posted 5,932 regulations.  This amounts to a whopping 68 per Read more […]

Will Republicans Save Military Chaplains From Court Martials?

On September 30, 2011, the Pentagon issued a directive to all military chaplains to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies and to make military chapels available for any such private ceremonies. In response to the Pentagon directive, the Catholic Archdiocese for Military Service issued a statement that no Catholic chaplains serving in the military will perform or participate in any same-sex marriage ceremonies at any military chapels.  In conjunction with the Catholic response, members of the Read more […]