Why Should Congress be Convinced to Back Obama Against Syrians?

The headline from Newser is “Lawmakers Unswayed by White House Syria Case.” Well, why should they be swayed? Congress is joining the vast majority of the American people, the majority in the UK Parliament, and the nonconsensus of the United Nations Security Council. Americans have been led to expect that the UN wouldn’t go along with the strike because of Russia’s and China’s recalcitrance. Russia, we are told, is a close ally of Syria and won’t side with the US against Assad for that Read more […]

White House: Assad’s Instagram “Despicable” While Cannibal Terrorists Worthy Of Federal Funding

The Obama Administration has nothing but confidence in its own moral high ground. No matter how deep a pit they dig, they always believe they are astride a mountaintop. The target of their latest railing fatwa is Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad’s Instagram account. According to the White House, it is “nothing more than a despicable PR stunt.” Well, when a superpower is trying to kill you for being an evil bad guy, then resorting to Instagram doesn’t sound like a crime against humanity. I Read more […]

Where Is Islamic And Media Condemnation For Saudi Arabia And Qatar?

According to the leading experts on “True Islam,” all Muslims should condemn attacks and the killing of American innocents. I suppose that explains the flood of newspaper and internet articles quoting American Imams. Once again, Islamic leaders are busy renouncing another terror attack and offering to help America rid itself of the threat of “radicalized fanatics” who misunderstand accurate interpretations of their Islamic Holy book. US based Imams like Suhaib Webb from the Islamic Society Read more […]