Palestinian Children’s Show says “Kill All the Jews.”

When your liberal friend tells you that Israel is the bad guy in the Arab-Israeli conflict… show them this video. Hamas to kids: Shoot all the Jews Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) program Tomorrow’s Pioneers on neighbors’ rights.  Phone conversation between Nahul the bee and Qais, a boy from Jenin (West Bank). Nahul the bee, (adult in a giant bee costume): “Listen my friend. Are there Jews where you are?”  Boy (Qais): “No. Not at the moment.”  Nahul: “I heard they come to you every day.”  Boy: Read more […]

Non-Christian Looks to Bible for Moral Guidance and Wisdom

Dennis Prager is not a Christian. He is a non-Orthodox Jew who attended the liberal graduate school at Columbia University. Yet by his own admission, as politically incorrect it may be, he first looks to the Bible for moral guidance and for wisdom. Prager also admits that there is no other piece of work, secular or religious, that comes close to the Bible when it comes to establishing a moral foundation for any Western civilization. He also freely admits that the Bible was the foundational guide Read more […]