How Esteemed Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper Dug Her Own Grave, Then Blocked Me From Twitter

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie It finally happened. I ticked off a liberal so much, they blocked me from their Twitter. How did I upset them so deeply that they refuse even to interact with me on a social media app? There’s the story. On April 1st, Salon published a piece by esteemed Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper in which Cooper argued a great many stupid things. The piece was titled “The right’s Read more […]

In Condemning Indiana’s RFRA Law, Brittney Cooper Accidentally Condones Incest, Pedophilia, And Bestiality

“A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.” – C.S. Lewis Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper recently penned a piece for Salon in which she lambastes the “bigoted” version of Jesus conservatives have allegedly created. She wrote the piece in light of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The logical faults in Cooper’s piece are an embarrassment of riches, but to write Read more […]

Using “Jesus Ate with Prostitutes” Argument to Shame Supporters of Religious Freedom

“Jesus regularly ate dinner with thieves and prostitutes, but you’re telling me it’s against your religion to bake a cake for a gay person?” I’ve seen this meme all over Facebook recently due in large part to the state of Indiana passing a “Religious Freedom Restoration” law. There are numerous other states that have similar laws on the books, but Indiana’s seems to be getting incredible scrutiny. I’ve seen and heard the ubiquitous words “bigoted,” “backwards,” and “anti-gay” thrown around frequently Read more […]

Why The Leftist Media Attacks Christianity

Malice is why the world attacks Christianity, not ignorance. “Truth is strong, and sometime or other will prevail.” – Mary Astell People love the truth when it confirms their behaviors, but hate it when it shows them to be in the wrong. Hatred of hard truths is the origin of all lying, and the engine of malice. A new book called The Lost Gospel claims that a 1500 year-old manuscript shows evidence that Jesus, and Mary Magdalene were married, and had several children together. Thomas D. Williams, Read more […]

Lib Compares Illegals To Jesus

It’s amazing how often politicians can change the argument. One minute, you’re arguing about A, and the next, the argument has shifted to B. It’s a tactic used most often by those who are losing the fight. More specifically, changing the conversation is a tactic used by those who don’t have the ability to defend their ideology in a logical way. When a philosophy doesn’t operate within logical bounds, it cannot be defended, and must therefore be hidden behind something else. The left just loves Read more […]

What Christ Did (and Obama Didn’t)

It is Good Friday as I write this, the day Jesus Christ was a little too faithful in His re-enactment of that Mel Gibson movie. Almost 2000 years ago today, Jesus was mocked, ridiculed, and derided. Had he been a Leftist, this alone would have been enough to make him cry. That’s how you know He wasn’t a Leftist—if he were, the moment the people started making fun of Him He would have said to God, “I give up! Just take me now!” But no, He accepted it. Beyond the insults, of course, and incomparably Read more […]

Father’s Horrendous Murder of 2 Yr. Old Daughter a Sign of America’s Moral Decay

Tierra Morgan-Glover was a happy two year old girl who loved her mom and dad and relied on them for everything.  That is until November 2011 when her father, Arthur Morgan took his daughter, still strapped in her car seat, secured a tire jack to the seat and tossed her into a creek to drown.  Her lifeless body was pulled from the creek about 20 miles from her home. The medical examiner for Monmouth County, New Jersey said that Tierra was most likely conscious for about three minutes after she Read more […]

Oh Boo Hoo! It Took a Murdering Rapist 26 Minutes to Die

Anti-death penalty people are all up in arms over the execution of Dennis McGuire last week in Ohio.  A new cocktail of drugs took 26 minutes before they snuffed the life from McGuire.  The old cocktail of drugs they usually used only took 15 minutes.  Liberal bleeding hearts are crying that McGuire’s death was cruel and tortuous and that it took far too long.  They are using his example of why the death penalty should be repealed.  After all, they say, we’re far too sophisticated to stoop Read more […]

Homosex Bullies Don’t Have The Guts To Face What They Want

Something about this suggestion that Christians owe reparations to now-pansexualized-American society annoyed me. I don’t mean the entire perspective because that’s normal in the media and hardly warrants comment. I mean something unspoken is presupposed in the editorial—something that the writer doesn’t want to admit he is assuming and demanding. “Christians have alienated gays and lesbians and their families, friends, and sympathetic allies, driving many away from the love of Jesus Christ Read more […]

Is Rand Paul Right About Jesus And War? ran a story yesterday under the headline, “Rand Paul: Jesus Was Anti-War.” Is Rand Paul right? It is hard to say because Paul isn’t quoted using the term “anti-war”; that is the headline’s interpretation. Jesus certainly told parables about being a king and avenging his enemies (for example: Matthew 22.7). And John’s vision of Jesus in Revelation show him as a warrior (Revelation 19.11-21). Soldiers were told to be ethical, but not to quit being soldiers. Rand Paul Read more […]