Republican takes on CNN Hosts over Race Baiters in Ferguson

Republican political strategist Ron Christie was on CNN debating hosts Don Lemon and LZ Granderson about who exactly was “agitating” for racial violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Needless to say, there were some sharp disagreements between the three with Christie focusing his ire on the traditional race-baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Read more […]

Charlie Rangel Racial Demagogue

It happens so often that we have grown accustomed to it. Which is sad, when you think about it. What am I talking about? Democrats and liberals playing the race card. In the past it was mostly held by the professional race provocateurs like Al Sharpton and Jesses Jackson, but more recently Democrat politicians have begun using it with regularity. Since MSNBC embraced its inner leftist, it has begun playing racially divisive games with impunity. It’s been so pervasive, these racial games, that I Read more […]

Say Hello to Roderick Scott – the anti-George Zimmerman?

Did you notice during the George Zimmerman trial how the media kept repeating the salacious question “What if Trayvon Martin had been white?” They acted as if this question was the perfect response to Zimmerman defenders. They pretended that this was a question without a “safe” answer, but in reality, the question had already been answered. In April of 2009 Mr. Roderick Scott awoke at 3am to the sounds of three young men breaking into cars on his street. He called the police and went down Read more […]

Jesse Jackson: Get The UN Involved in the Zimmerman Case

The idea of getting the federal Department of Justice involved in what should have remained a local story is preposterous. But Eric Holder announced recently that his department would be opening an investigation and will possibly bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman. We’ll see. Holder may have bitten off more than he can chew, since there isn’t any real evidence that Zimmerman “profiled” Martin because he was black. As over-the-top as it is, getting the DOJ involved just isn’t Read more […]