Colorado Students Stage Walk Out to Protest Conservative School Board – Liberals Applaud

For the third straight day students at some schools in Jefferson County, Colo., have walked out of class in protest of curriculum changes suggested by the new conservative majority on the school board. The protests have been building steam since late last week, when classes at some high schools had to be canceled because of a “sick-out” staged by numerous teachers. Since then, students have also brought schools to a halt by leaving class and staging protests on the streets around as many Read more […]

Denver Students Protesting Curriculum Change Which Would Teach American Patriotism

Jefferson County, Colorado encompasses the western half the Denver metropolitan area and has a population of just over 500,000. Like many larger cities, the population of Denver and Jefferson County has become liberal in a number of areas including education. The Jefferson County School Board recently changed some of its board members. The new members are more conservative than the ones they replaced and they see what the liberal education has been doing to the local students. Consequently, they Read more […]