Former Clinton Advisor says New Planet is “Bad News” for God

Why, oh why are liberal anti-God atheists always so smug and unlikable? Exhibit A below…   NASA’s recent announcement that it has discovered an “Earth-like” planet orbiting a nearby start is “bad news for God,” according to a recent article in The Huffington Post. Jeff Schweitzer, a scientist, author, and former policy analyst for the Clinton White House, claims that the discovery of Kepler-452b is a watershed because it indicates that Earth-like planets are common, Read more […]

Global Warming Puppet Tries To Discredit Skeptics & Fails MISERABLY!

“With the precise predictability of an atomic clock, climate change deniers break out like a bad rash with irrational exuberance each time we see a snow flake…With the regularity of a finely tuned pendulum, as soon as the temperature hits freezing this annoying species of fowl cries out with indignation that global warming must be a farce…After all, how could the world be warming if freezing temperatures are gripping most of the nation?” – Jeff Schweitzer Oy. Let me announce right off the Read more […]