Jay Leno says College Kids are Too Politically Correct

Comedian Jay Leno was on Late Night with Seth Meyers to shoot the breeze and discuss what he’s been doing since leaving the Tonight Show. During their conversation the discussion turned to the culture being bred on today’s college campuses – which is when Leno mentioned something that more and more comedians have been talking about lately, namely the politically correct culture on our college campuses. “College kids now are so politically correct. Being anti-guacamole is not racist, okay? You Read more […]

Why Obama Hates Russia (It’s Not About “Gay Rights”)

On Jay Leno, the President tried to give the impression that it was all about “gay rights”: “Obama told Leno that he was disappointed in Russian officials’ decision to grant temporary asylum to Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked U.S. secrets. Nor did he bite his tongue when asked about Russia’s crackdown on its gay community with a new law banning ‘propaganda’ regarding ‘nontraditional sexual relations.’ ‘I’ve been very clear that when … you Read more […]

What We’re Reading on June 25, 2013

Everyone needs a shortcut sometimes which is why we’re here! Here are some clickable links to what we’re reading on June 25, 2013, so you don’t have to scour the web looking for things to read. No thanks necessary, the pleasure is ours. A professor at a Columbia State Community College forced her students to support gay rights for a grade and told them “that anyone who still believes in traditional marriage is just an uneducated bigot who attacks homosexuals with hate.”   The Read more […]