Fox News’ Grills State Department Spokesperson

  The Obama administration has announced the capture of one of the suspects of the Benghazi terrorist attack on 9/11/2012. While most people are happy to finally see some progress on the Benghazi justice front, many are also wondering why, exactly, this took so long? This specific suspect hasn’t been in hiding and has done many interviews with media outlets since the attack. So why did it take the Obama administration so long to bring him in? As you can see, the White House Read more […]

President Obama Misfires on Press Freedom

  President Obama continued his African odyssey as he traveled to South Africa, where he once again proved to be “the tone-deaf President.” In a joint press conference with South African President Jacob Zuma, President Obama chided the American Press Corps for what he saw as breaking rules of press conference decorum by asking too many questions. President Obama complained that “his press” tried to get in “three or four or five questions in there,” while seemingly complimenting President Read more […]

Sharyl Attkisson’s Computers Hacked – Are Yours Next?

About a month ago, CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson mentioned on a radio interview that she believed her computer had been hacked, and that someone had taken a look around to see what she was working on. Well, now we know that someone did indeed hack into her computer, and that they were clearly rifling through reports that she was working on, as well as removing certain material from her files. CBS news has confirmed that a security firm that they hired “has determined through forensic analysis” Read more […]