Barack Obama Sends No Delegations for Patriots

Why Obama sends delegations to the funerals of criminals, but not to the funerals of patriots. It’s been said that you cannot judge a man’s motives because you cannot see them. This is partly true and partly false—a half-truth—which if put into practice, makes it almost impossible to make assessments of someone else’s character. We are motives; our actions are cut from the fabric of our intentions, and as such, we simply need to reverse engineer actions to understand motives. If all politicians Read more […]

London Mayors says ISIS is Full of Porn-Addicted Losers!

Infamous London Mayor, Boris Johnson, owes his popularity to his irascible and straightforward manner. Johnson proved once again why his supporters love him so, when he recently discussed the members of ISIS as porn-addled losers!   A London politician said British men who join ISIS are just porn-obsessed losers looking for an ego boost. The “tortured” men turn to jihad because they lack purpose and self-esteem, and can’t get a girlfriend, London Mayor Boris Johnson told Read more […]

ISIS to Sell Foley’s Corpse to Mourning Family for $1 Million

Is this a joke? It doesn’t seem possible that this is for real. Was this story concocted by the enemies of ISIS to make them look like monsters? Because I just don’t want to believe any human beings are actually this odious: ISIS is trying to sell the remains of beheaded journalist James Foley to his parents or the US government for $1 million, according to a new report. A source who is a middleman contacted by ISIS to broker the deal told BuzzFeed that the terror group is trying to Read more […]

Macabre Democrat Uses Beheaded Journalists in Reelection Fight

Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) apparently has no shame. In a recent debate with his Republican opponent Cory Gardner he had the audacity to invoke the names of beheaded journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley in an effort to prove himself on the ISIS issue. In what can only be described as a disgusting display of selfishness he dared to imply that the two dead journalists would obviously side with President Obama (and by extension Udall) in the debate on how to proceed against ISIS. “I Read more […]

ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Foley in Syria

ISIS, the militant terrorist organization that is currently wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq, is claiming that they have executed James Foley, an American journalist. ISIS released a video that appeared to show Foley kneeling beside an ISIS militant. The video then shows President Obama announcing an airstrike campaign against ISIS. When the video comes back to Foley and his executioner, it shows Foley reciting a message to America, after which the killer begins to saw Foley’s neck with a knife. Read more […]