Democrat Jim Clyburn Compares Amnesty to Black Emancipation

Can the preaching on amnesty get any more hysterical? According to Google, argumentum ad passiones is “a logical fallacy which uses the manipulation of the recipient’s emotions, rather than valid logic, to win an argument.” This fallacy is also known as “appeal to emotion.” This argumentative tactic is one of the most frequently used by the left. When a liberal finds themselves on the ropes with a hollow argument, they transform the situation into something much more easily manipulated. By weaving Read more […]

Democrats Double Down On Deceit

House Democrats say they are supportive of President Obama’s statements given the other day when he announced he’d now allow people to keep their old health insurance for another year (but only a year!). They also say they’re very supportive of Obamacare and that they have no regrets in passing it. Well, which is it? Do they support Obama’s new statements, his new diktats, on Obamacare that essentially protect people from Obamacare for another year? Or do they support Obamacare as it is written? Read more […]