Rand Paul Says GOP Hawks Have Helped ISIS Grow Stronger

With words closely echoing his father’s foreign policy concerns, Rand Paul has said that the GOP penchant for making war has actually created the current ISIS crisis: In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Paul was asked about the criticism he’s received from GOP hawks like South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Arizona Sen. John McCain, who have argued that America’s failure to arm moderate rebel groups in the Syrian civil war created space for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Read more […]

Clear Winner in Middle East Conflicts: Military-Industrial Complex

In an interview with Abby Martin on Breaking the Set, former Senator Ron Paul explained the rationale for what he calls our “bellicose” policy in the Middle East, and explains that the military-industrial complex is the only clear winner: Abby Martin: . . . You were put in the middle of this, where you have the Establishment basically pushing us, giving us these two options, this false dichotomy—either arm rebels or bomb people. I mean, why is it that those are the two options when it comes Read more […]