Why Christian Terrorism is an Oxymoron While Islamic Terrorism is a Truism

In the wake of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting, many political commentators have been quick to criticize Republicans for being unwilling to call Robert Lewis Dear a “Christian terrorist” though those same Republicans want to call ISIS and its agents “Islamic terrorists.” Here’s a representative example of this argument from (of course) Think Progress: But while some famous conservatives such [as] Mike Huckabee were eventually willing to call the massacre [Does this really count Read more […]

Je Suis Charlie: What it Means to Identify with Charlie Hebdo

The terrorist attack by “radical” Muslims on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo left twelve people dead and many more wounded, and it has created a show of solidarity for “free speech” all over the world. But what does all of it really mean? There are many voices of opinion on the matter. A few have explained the attack as revenge for French foreign and domestic policy. Others have blamed Charlie Hebdo for publishing ill-advised cartoons aimed at nothing more than baiting and antagonizing Read more […]

Australia’s Surprising Response to Muslim Terrorism … #illridewithyou

Anyone who has been paying attention knows how I feel about Islam. I think orthodox Islam naturally generates terrorists. I would not call Islamic terrorists “isolated radicals” or “extremists” because I think that implies that mainstream, orthodox Islam does not call for jihad. Which is incorrect. Even a cursory look at the historical meaning and significance of jihad evidences that most Muslims have viewed jihad as a fundamental religious duty. So, in broad terms, a Muslim who does not Read more […]