Obama Rails Against Unequal Pay While White House has Larger Gender Pay Gap Than Rest of D.C.

Obama can rant and rave about how the GOP hate women and want to go back to the 50’s when women could be put in their place, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. They hate women so much that they think women deserve a smaller paycheck compared to their male counterparts working the same job. But what Obama won’t address is the White House’s own pay disparities between men and women employees. ABC News reported: The latest U.S. Census statistics show that, on average, full-time working women Read more […]

Fail: Voter ID Law Protestors Required To Show ID In Order To Protest

They say that laws requiring people to show ID in order to vote are racist and that they disenfranchise certain voting blocs, namely minorities. Apparently, about 25% of blacks and 16% of Latinos lack some kind of government-issued photo identification. Only 9% of whites don’t have such identification. Obviously, Democrats don’t like these laws, not because they view them as racist, but because these voters are far more likely to vote Democrat. So, naturally, they want as many of these people Read more […]