Joe Biden Accidentally Makes Case AGAINST Amnesty

Democrats have not given up on their quest to pass total amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States. I believe they ultimately will be successful, and thus we will see a quicker end to the Republican Party than is already inevitable. Republicans are fighting a vicious culture war, and because they are fighting so half-heartedly, their defeat will be well-deserved (but that’s a separate topic). But if ever a case was made against amnesty, Vice President Joe Biden made it on Wednesday Read more […]

Obama Compares Catholic School With Racial Segregation

While in Ireland, President Obama said this: “Because issues like segregated schools and housing, lack of jobs and opportunity—symbols of history that are a source of pride for some and pain for others–these are not tangential to peace; they’re essential to it. If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings, and Protestants have theirs—if we can’t see ourselves in one another, if fear or resentment are allowed to harden, that encourages division. It discourages Read more […]