Asking If Someone Would Have Invaded Iraq Is Stupid

Can We Call It A Day With The ‘Knowing What We Know Now, Would You Have Invaded Iraq’ Question? “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the Iraq war?” That is the ludicrous question we’re being treated to as Republicans take the field for the 2016 election cycle. Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and even Jeb Bush (after some prodding) have all said no. Ted Cruz gave the best answer when he told Megyn Kelly: “Of course not. The entire predicate of Read more […]

U.S. Weapons Ending up in ISIS Hands

The weapons that we donated to the Iraqi forces have already somehow ended up in the hands of militant Islamic (is that a redundancy?) groups. Liberals are weird. On one hand, they’ll enact and push for ridiculously stringent gun laws that are aimed at making sure guns won’t end up in the “wrong hands.” It’s becoming more and more difficult to “legally” purchase a firearm in our own country where we have a Constitution that acknowledges the right to bear arms as a fundamental human Read more […]

Satirical TV Show in Iraq Overcoming Terror with Comedy

The state-run television station in Iraq, al-Iraqiya, has produced a fairly big budget satirical sketch comedy show making fun of the Islamic State. Having lost a great deal of ground to the Islamic State militarily, Iraq is apparently fighting back with comedy. To mixed results: The show demonstrates the extraordinary ability of people in this war-scarred nation to challenge violence with humor. But making light of the group notorious for beheadings and massacres brings serious risks. Some of Read more […]

Freudian Slip? McCain Insinuates He Met With ISIS

McCain and Obama agree on a lot of things. For the life of me, I can’t really figure out why the RNC chose someone like McCain to be on the ’08 ticket, unless they were for some reason setting McCain up to fail so that Obama would win. On foreign policy, both Obama and McCain like the idea of sending loads of cash and heavy weaponry to terrorists in the Middle East, so that they can de-stabilize the region, bring down Assad and have him replaced with some other person who is much more easily Read more […]

Iraqi Parliament Member Begs for Help and It’s Heart-Wrenching

A heart-wrenching video has gone viral over the Internet – in it you can see an Iraqi Member of Parliament begging her countrymen for help. The MP is a Yazidi and her people are being threatened with genocide. ISIS is a very real threat and she must do anything she can to save her people. Call your local representatives, call your state representatives, call your national representatives! Demand that they find a solution. Don’t allow a Holocaust to occur in our generation. Don’t Read more […]

France Opens Border to Iraq’s Christians

Not that many years ago, France was an atheistic socialist nation, much like the United States is becoming. Like the US, they weren’t friendly to Christians. Over the past few years, France has awakened to the dangers of Islam and have started passing laws restricting Muslims in their country. At the same time, their attitude towards Christians has been improving. According to reports from the BBC, the French government has announced that they are prepared to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians Read more […]

We’re Back in Iraq … Again

Iraq is the problem that won’t go away. We’ve had a military presence there for nearly a quarter of a century and it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving Iraq alone for quite some time. Obama just authorized bombings there in order to try to stem the tide of ISIS, which has been brutalizing Christians (and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq) and threatening American personnel. Reports vary, but they’re all harrowing—people being literally crucified, children being beheaded, Read more […]

Dire Christian Persecution in Iraq

Here in the US, any mention of the persecution of Christians will meet with guffaws, no matter how systematically traditional Christianity actually is persecuted by this culture. Christians, especially white male Christians, have nothing to complain about according to leftists. We have been the privileged class in the US for years. But that’s been changing for some time here in the States. And around the world, dire Christian persecution has long been a reality. Right now, ISIS is going around Read more […]

Bush vs. Obama: Who’s the Better Commander in Chief, According to Vets of Iraq, Afghanistan?

Conservatives are not, I don’t think, exactly fans of President George W. Bush as a president, but they (and I) usually say they like him as a person. As a president, ol’ W. certainly was no true conservative. He campaigned on promises of conservatism, but once he got in office he shifted leftward and led like a moderate—probably how we can expect his nephew Jeb Bush to lead if Republicans are so imbecilic as to nominate him to be the candidate who goes up against Hillary Clinton in 2016. As Read more […]

SHOCK! Democrats Blame Bush For Syria

Albert Einstein said: “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” There is virtue in assigning blame to yourself when it is appropriate to do so. That seems like an obvious statement—and it is—but we live in such a self-centered society that selflessness is something quite rare. We are quick to pin the blame on anyone else but ourselves, so long as people will believe us. We’ve become a blame-centric culture because, if you’re a good enough manipulator, you’ll never feel the repercussions Read more […]

The Iraq War And The Syrian Vanity Strike Versus Liberal Semantics

Steven Pinker said: “Semantics is about the relation of words to thoughts, but it also about the relation of words to other human concerns. Semantics is about the relation of words to reality – the way that speakers commit themselves to a shared understanding of the truth, and the way their thoughts are anchored to things and situations in the world.” Democrats live in a world entirely based on semantic sleight of hand. Everything is one way for their enemies and another way for them. Abortion Read more […]

CIA Flirts With WWIII While Obama Pretends To Not Arm Syrian Terrorists

Every other day, it seems, we get more information sent to us through the mainstream news that our government, or groups therein, are supporting terrorists in Syria. The latest New York Times piece makes it clear that the Obama Administration’s refusal to directly arm the so-called “rebels” is just window dressing. “As it evolved, the airlift correlated with shifts in the war within Syria, as rebels drove Syria’s army from territory by the middle of last year. And even as the Obama administration Read more […]