UN Releases New Scary Report on Global Warming – Scientists Say “No Biggie”

What will it take to finally silence the Global Warming alarmists? Nearly 20 years of no warming hasn’t done it. Each day more scientists abandon their faith in the fear mongering religion of the “man made” Climate Change church. At some point, the media and popular culture will have to realize that there are just as many scientists who do not believe the global warming hype as there are scientists who support the theory of man made global warming…   The latest United Nations climate Read more […]

U.N.: Global Warming is Responsible for “Frigid Polar Air”

If you point to unusually cold weather as a sort of counter-evidence to the theory of catastrophic manmade global warming, you get met with jeers from the left who argue that you can’t use “localized” weather patterns to disprove something that they argue is happening globally on average. In other words, “so what if it’s cold in the winter?” But what is it that they do to “prove” global warming is still happening? They point to localized weather patterns. A recent report released by Read more […]