Mom Gets Shotgun for Mother’s Day, Uses It against Intruder

How many of you would ever consider giving your mom or wife a shotgun, rifle or handgun for Mother’s Day, birthday or even Christmas? After reading this, you may want to consider giving her a gift that could save her life. One Oklahoma mom was given a 12 gauge shotgun for Mother’s Day by her son. In September, she was very thankful for that gift when she heard someone trying to break into her house. Her handicapped daughter was asleep in the house at the time and mom’s protective instincts Read more […]

Chalk up Another Thwarted Armed Robbery to the Second Amendment

More Americans are buying guns than ever before. There are more guns in private ownership than there are people in the United States. More homeowners are using those guns to protect themselves from intruders. One of those homeowners is a man who police have not given his identity, in Timberlake, North Carolina. Around 5am, the man was woken by an intruder wearing a mask and carrying a shotgun. The intruder demanded that the homeowner give him all of his money. Instead of grabbing his wallet, Read more […]

Cops Say You’re On Your Own for First Half Hour or So After Calling 9-1-1

Have you ever asked your local police department how long it would take them to respond to a call for help at your house that someone is breaking in?  Have you ever asked them what you’re supposed to do between the time you call for help and the time they arrive? Investigators from Project Veritas visited a number of police stations and asked the same questions.  To begin with, the response time varied from a couple minutes to over an hour if at all.  In many cases, the response time for Read more […]

White House Uses Letters from Kids to Sway Public on Gun Control

What better way is there than to use the pleas of children to sway the public on an unpopular policy?  And who knows better how to manipulate people into following him into socialism than President Barack Obama? Yesterday, the White House did that very thing of using children to follow the president like they did in the story of the Pied Piper.  To help justify his illegal and unconstitutional actions on gun control, the White House released a number of letters that were supposedly written by Read more […]

Cleveland Man Shoots Another Burglar

Last November, 43 year old man broke into the home of Miodrag Burgarcic of Cleveland.  The burglar was brandishing a knife and threatened the life of Burgarcic, so Burgarcic shot and killed the intruder.  Police investigated the incident and ruled the shooting was justifiable and legal. You would expect that most would be burglars had taken notice of the shooting and that they would avoid trying to break into Burgarcic’s house.  Evidently, not all criminals watch the news, because early Monday Read more […]