Obamacare Will Be There For You; Send In Your Check

Ezra Klein writes at Bloomberg.com to convince healthy, young, rich people that “they need Obamacare too.” Klein clearly proves that, assuming there is any way that Obamacare can work at all (!), it needs those healthy, young, rich people, and needs them to be gullible.“The trick to making any health-insurance system work is to attract enough healthy and young people into the insurance pool. Their low costs offset the care provided to elderly and unhealthy people, who drive costs up.” It Read more […]

Are Schools Safe From Shooters? How The Market Can Reveal The Truth

One way to define mass hysteria is when a large group of people make a decision about general danger based on one tragic anecdote. If every fatal slip in the bathtub or every fatal car crash received days of attention in the national media, then people would learn whole new ways to be afraid on a daily basis. Would that make them better, safer people? I doubt it. But when someone shoots a bunch of school children that does make the news, amplified by a national campaign on the part of the media-political Read more […]