US Infrastructure: Financed By China, Built By Amnestied Aliens?

No one seems to be asking where all these new provisional status Americans will work if Immigration Reform of any type becomes law now or in the future. Of course, amnestied aliens will continue to take jobs away from Americans, but jobs doing what? No one can raise a family on a low skill low wage job and prosper in America. Or can they? Back in April, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Chinese government representatives to promote China’s investment in US Infrastructure Projects. At the Read more […]

State Department Invites China To Invest In U.S. Infrastructure Projects

These days the only “shovel ready” project in America is the BS clean-up needed in Washington. Last week, President Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, was busy meeting with Chinese government representatives to promote US recommendations for China’s investment in U.S. infrastructure projects.  John Kerry is now touting Chinese investment in US infrastructure as a “win, win, win” for the growing Obama economy and a recovering US labor force. While Kerry was busy begging for Chinese Read more […]

Rahm Emanuel Makes Paper Thin Arguments–Half Of Voters Agree

In an Op-Ed for the Washington Post on Friday, Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago makes many claims. In his editorial, Emanuel is either acting ignorantly or deceitfully. Now, generally I would be willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but since it’s Rahm Emanuel, I won’t. According to Emanuel: “President Obama and the Democratic Party earned the support of key groups — young people, single women, Latinos, African Americans, auto workers in the Rust Belt and millions of other middle-class Read more […]