House Votes to Freeze Planned Parenthood Funding for a Year

In what will probably amount to nothing more than a political statement, the House of Representatives voted to freeze federal funding to Planned Parenthood: In a 241-187 vote, nearly all Republicans and two Democrats approved legislation that would block Planned Parenthood’s federal funding for one year, giving time for Congress to fully investigate claims of wrongdoing by the provider. Lawmakers also passed a bill tightening restrictions on abortion doctors who violate infant protections in Read more […]

Basing Abortion Rights on the Viability of the Fetus: Dead End

The viability of the fetus leads us directly to the question of the viability of infants, the elderly, and so on. “With no fact as a referent, what is normative is purely a matter of preference.” – Ravi Zacharias If one follows a path of moral relativism, one needs to find a way to remain logically consistent within that framework. Unfortunately, that consistency–when applied within the unstructured structure of relativism–almost universally leads to uncomfortable places. In the video below, Read more […]

SHOCK: University of Hawaii Conducting Gruesome Abortion Experiments

[Warning: Graphic Images Below!] The light that shines from men extends mere inches compared to the darkness, which extends miles beyond our most extraordinary imagination. We like to believe we are good and decent, and though we as individuals may be so, we are surrounded by such sickness that we cannot avoid becoming infected by it, coughing up tar and blood when we’ve done nothing wrong. A new museum in Japan has opened up a chapter of Japanese history that many would have preferred remained Read more […]

Indiana Woman Convicted of Feticide … Women’s Rights Groups Go Bananas

Purvi Patel was just convicted of feticide and child neglect in Indiana. And women’s rights activists are going bananas, and nuts … and other produce. Perhaps this is just another symptom of Indiana’s recent status as religious right extremist crazy wonderland. I don’t know. But the leftist bleeding hearts have this one wrong too. As you might expect. Here’s the story. Purvi Patel lives with her very conservative Hindu parents. She is having an affair with a married man. She gets pregnant. Read more […]

In Defense of Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell

“Abortion is either okay or it’s not.” – Peggy Noonan In May of 2013, after being convicted of committing a series of heinous crimes, a Pennsylvania man was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This man was Kermit Gosnell. When I’ve described to friends and colleagues the crimes which Gosnell committed, I’ve often received looks of shock, and revulsion. These looks tell me that an instinctive trigger has been pulled within their consciousness, one that carries with it an Read more […]

To The Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly, Who Voted ‘No’ On Protecting Infants Following Botched Abortions

“Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die. Don’t try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it.” – Proverbs 24: 11-12 In the 20th century–not very long ago–there was a nation whose leader decided that certain groups of people were less than human, and as such, these less thans were executed without remorse. A people were deceived, and led to believe that the extermination of an entire race of human beings was part of a greater plan, Read more […]

The Curious Case of Megan Huntsman

It is uncanny how easy it is for human beings to see things so clearly in some situations, but fail to see a correlation in parallel circumstances. Let me tell you a story from Utah about a woman named Megan Huntsman. Megan Huntsman had three children already—two teenagers and an adult. And she didn’t feel like she should have any more children. So she decided to go to an abortion clinic. Seven times she went to the abortion clinic, and seven times she “got rid” of her unwanted babies. Read more […]

Unfair: Woman Possibly Facing Charges For Dumping Newborn Baby In A Dumpster

“Bravery is believing in yourself, and that thing nobody can teach you.” – El Cordobes It’s so difficult in our society to be brave. We have been conditioned to keep hidden our bravery because it may cause a violent reaction. When we do stand up for what we believe in, or make a difficult decision, we are often heavily, and publicly criticized. So it is always an incredible sight to see bravery on display. According to The Houston Chronicle, a local man stumbled upon a baby suffocating in a Read more […]

The Left Argues For “Post-Birth” Abortion, & I’m Not Surprised

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” – Arthur Conan Doyle We are compelled as people to believe the best in others. We always give people the benefit of the doubt, thinking that no matter how wrong-headed their ideas, a good soul must lie underneath. We believe that it is the branches that become twisted, not the roots. It is because of this foolishness that we become desensitized to evil. We are so accustomed to assuming good intentions, that when evil—which has been in front Read more […]

Obama, Gosnell & Abortion – The Evil That Men Do

“The church is the moral compass of society.” –John Adams This last week I have been focusing on the Gosnell crimes against the innocent in the womb. This monster, and a monster he is, has the severed feet of babies in jars at his clinic; his associates stab babies in the neck 20 minutes after they are born alive; babies have been decapitated; their spinal cords have been cut; and to top it off is the account of a baby in a toilet, gasping for air, waiting for someone to stand up and magnify Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Supports Post-Birth “Abortion”

Mother Teresa said: “The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.” That quote really grabs hold of what is at the core of the abortion debate. At what time does someone get to play God? At what time is it ever appropriate to terminate? If it is acceptable at 20 weeks, why not 30? If at 30, why not post-birth? Most people would argue that post-birth termination is a ridiculous idea, Read more […]

Roe V Wade: The Top Arguments For Abortion Dissected & Dismantled

As a staunchly Conservative person, I have opinions about every issue—from war to assisted suicide; from stem-cell research to gay marriage. But above all else, the issue that hits me hardest; the issue that cuts me to my heart, is the issue of abortion. I have gotten in numerous debates regarding abortion over my years in college, and the inevitable response I receive from my Liberal colleagues is this: You can’t have an opinion on abortion; you aren’t a woman. This is usually followed by indignant Read more […]