Rejecting Obamacare Forces Healthcare Prices Way Down In Oklahoma

While Obamacare attempts to take control of the healthcare industry, there are doctors around the country who are bucking the trend and offering their own free market solutions to healthcare socialism. What ends up happening is that healthcare costs are driven down dramatically, and the patient and insurance company pay far less than if these patients had gone to a traditional hospital. The Surgery Center of Oklahoma was started about 16 years ago by a couple of disillusioned doctors fed up with Read more […]

Why Obamacare Can Never Work: Bureaucracy

Laurence J. Peter said: “Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.” Bureaucracy is a long word that describes a massive problem. It seems rather appropriate that the word itself—bureaucracy—slows me down (I never remember how to spell it), because that is exactly what a bureaucracy does: it slows us down. Large government begets massive bureaucracy. It is a necessity of a maternal government. It is because of this that the Left defends bureaucracy Read more […]