1 Million Americans to Get Huge Tax Bill Due to Wrong Obamacare Subsidies

There is still a lot of question about how many people actually enrolled in Obamacare and have paid their first premium. Obama claims 8 million when other sources place the number between 5-6 million and that may even be too high. Many of the successful enrollees and policy holders received federal subsidies that helped to pay part of the cost of the healthcare insurance. If there was any question about the reported income, enrollees were asked to provide proof of income. Only a few have complied Read more […]

Obama’s Chicago – Blacks Killing Blacks

In 2008, Barack Obama promised blacks that he would make life better for them if he was elected. He promised to create more jobs for blacks, especially black teens and help them in other ways to lower the crime rates and give them more opportunities to improve their lives. The way Obama shows favoritism to his friends and financial supporters along with Hispanics, you would expect him to have worked extra hard to do something to help Chicago, his political hometown. With Chicago’s mayor being Read more […]

Obama’s America Now Worships Wealth And Income Disparity

I am still trying to figure out why liberals are celebrating recent Wall Street gains and last Friday’s massaged employment statistics. In America, declining income and government dependency are becoming the new way of life for once prosperous, now overregulated small business and middle class families slowly taxed out of their homes. Given recent market highs, I just have to ask, do liberals still believe that Democrats and Obama are still the champions of Americas working class? Under Obama Read more […]