Who Pays the Taxes in the United States? And Why?

Today is Tax Day, and you’ve probably noted a few different narratives swirling around concerning taxes. One narrative is that the top earners in the US pay a disproportionate amount of taxes. This is known as a progressive tax rate. But other commentators have noted that the progressive tax rate applies for Federal income taxes but not for other taxes. If you consider all taxes—payroll, state, and local—the tax rate starts to look almost proportional percentage-wise. First, the top ten Read more […]

Ted Cruz Wants To Eliminate The IRS; Democrats Balk

James Bovard said: “The more expansive government is, the more perils people face in daily lives, be it from IRS agents… or from other agencies that often have little or no legal restraints on their power.” On even a basic level, every human being understands that the bigger something becomes, the more unwieldy it becomes. As an organization grows, it becomes necessary to impose more and more rules within that agency, so that it doesn’t outgrow its restraints. The recent IRS scandal Read more […]

Income Tax Payers Entitled To an AR-15!

I have a suggestion for liberal anti-second amendment advocates like the “Mayor’s Council on Gun Violence” that would definitely reduce the number of senseless gun related homicides in the United States: A new big government federal regulation that prohibits people from owning a firearm if they don’t pay income taxes or if they receive federal or state entitlements. We could call it the Responsible Taxpayer Gun Rights Act of 2013. “Be it known from this day forward that in these United Read more […]