Income Inequality or Income Inequity? The Difference a Word Can Make

I have been noticing a trend in recent discussions of income inequality. Commentators have started replacing income inequality with income inequity. At first, I thought this subtle shift was a result of ignorance. In our word-impoverished culture, the right words get swapped for incorrect similar-sounding ones all the time (e.g., “disinterested” for “uninterested”). But as this trend toward using income inequity grows, I begin to think the subtle shift in language is intentional. There Read more […]

Rethinking Income Inequality … Is it Actually a Good Thing?

Is income inequality a bad thing? Most people would say so. It seems obvious that income inequality is based on greed and corporate welfare, right? Some of it certainly is. But some of it is based on the fact that certain people hit on an extremely useful idea at the right time, take the necessary risks, and capitalize on it. The stories of this occurring are more common in American history than the history of probably any other country in the world. The iconoclastic entrepreneur is one of our Read more […]

Is the US Economy Really In a Full Recovery?

In another exercise in self-fulfilling prophecies, economists told the US economy that it was in full recovery, and the news jolted the stock market into another temporary jump: The US economy grew at a sizzling 5 percent annual rate last quarter, the fastest since 2003, fueled by consumer and business spending. The surge confirmed that the U.S. economy is steadily strengthening and outshining others around the world. The news helped lift the Dow Jones industrial average above 18,000 for the Read more […]

It’s Time For Conservatives To Be Aggressive For A Change

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” – Winston Churchill A lie is only as important as the people it affects. The entire purpose of a lie is to influence people, and get them to believe what you are saying. Lies are the instruments of someone who needs to be believed, and who doesn’t have the facts. If someone has the truth in their side, why would they ever need to lie? Those who lie are always promoting something false. Thomas Piketty, an Read more […]

Obama: Nation’s Biggest Critic on Income Inequality Increases Personal Wealth 438% since 2007

Income inequality is defined as: “The unequal distribution of household or individual income across the various participants in an economy. Income inequality is often presented as the percentage of income to a percentage of population. For example, a statistic may indicate that 70% of a country’s income is controlled by 20% of that country’s residents.” “It is often associated with the idea of income ‘fairness’. It is generally considered ‘unfair’ if the rich have a disproportionally Read more […]

Liberal Philosophy 101: The Rich Are Evil, The Poor Are Righteous

“Of mankind we may say in general they are fickle, hypocritical, and greedy of gain.” – Niccolo Machiavelli The nature of politics is gross. It has about it the beauty of progress, but within it lies the rot of week-old fish. It is little more than a series of chess moves, with each move designed to advance the player toward the King. The player, in the case of the Washington D.C., is the politician. The King is his opponent. We are the pieces which are unceremoniously sacrificed in pursuit of Read more […]

States with Highest Income Inequality Voted for Obama

Curious fact: in 2012, four years after Obama took office the first time, the states that had the absolute highest rates of income inequality voted for Obama (again). Now, before you commit a fallacy of causation, let me remind you that correlation and causation are two different things. So, the fact that states with high income inequality voted for Obama does not necessarily mean that Obama’s policies (or policies like his) made their situation the way it is. For instance, you could say that Read more […]

Cities With Highest Income Inequality Voted for Obama

Obama said he wants Republicans to come up with ways to combat income inequality. But “income inequality” is the essence of socialism. And not only that, Obama depends on income inequality in order to stay in power. A recent Brookings Institute study showed that the cities with the most income inequality also voted for Obama. Now there’s a surprise for you. Here’s CNS News: “Inequality in big cities exceeds the national average,” according to the study by Brookings senior fellow Read more […]

Faltering McDonald’s a Sign of Struggling Lower Classes

McDonald’s is struggling. According to CEO Don Thompson, they have “lost some of their customer relevance.” By the numbers, McDonald’s had a two percent global reduction in traffic for 2013, and, for a company that does the kind of business it does, that’s a huge amount. So what’s the problem? Thompson offered two main explanations: First, customers willing to spend a little extra are gravitating toward what they feel are healthier or fresher alternatives. McDonald’s has attempted Read more […]

Gini Coefficient in a Bottle: The Inequality Myth

The most commonly used marker for income inequality is called the Gini coefficient. Most leftists regularly refer to it when they make claims like “inequality is rising every year” or “the income gap is now worse than ever and getting even worse.” But what is the Gini coefficient, and why is it misleading? The Gini coefficient is a ratio of income distribution developed by an Italian statistician named Corrado Gini. A coefficient of zero means everyone has exactly the same income. A coefficient Read more […]