Ben Carson on Abortion: No Exceptions for Rape or Incest

In an interview with Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Ben Carson about whether there should be exceptions for abortion, such as in cases where babies are conceived as a result of rape or incest. He responded: “Rape and incest, I would not be in favor of killing a baby because the baby came about in that way. And all you have to do is go and look up the many stories of people who have led very useful lives who were the result of rape or incest.” Less than 1% of all abortions are performed on Read more […]

Huckabee on 10-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Abortion Denial: “Does it Solve a Problem by Taking the Life of an Innocent Child?”

There’s a case in Paraguay involving a 10-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather. She conceived, but she was denied an abortion by authorities. CNN’s Dana Bash wanted to know how Mike Huckabee would respond to the situation. Would he, being a white man in the Republican party, want to “force” the child to give birth to the product of an (essentially) incestuous rape? From The Blaze: The former Arkansas governor acknowledged during his “State of the Union” interview Sunday that Read more […]

Gay Marriage is Legal: What Marriage ‘Rights’ Are Next?

“Gay marriage is going to happen. It must.” – Lady Gaga It did. Now what? Friday, my Facebook feed was wall-to-wall rainbows; profile pictures, cover photos, status updates, all celebrating the SCOTUS victory for gay marriage. I saw the phrases “love is love,” and “love wins,” dozens of times. And in those phrases really lies the argument for moving beyond gay marriage. People think you’re crazy if you come to the conclusion that allowing gay marriage opens the door for other types of marriage. Read more […]

Senator Lee Bright Showed Us What Real Courage Looks Like

Sometimes, compromise stains the hands with blood. Imagine it’s 1943; Nazi Germany has already terminated several millions Jews, and Hitler has no plans to slow down his genocide. However, the United States somehow convinces Hitler to consider a meeting. After much discussion, the United States and the dictator reach a compromise: Hitler will be allowed to continue killing Jews, but only Jews with last names that begin with the letters A through M. Sound fair? No, it sounds ludicrous. Who Read more […]

The Hypocrisy of the Rape and Incest Exception

We should not let rape and incest leave babies’ lives unprotected. “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” – Voltaire It’s extremely disheartening to see Republicans in the House of Representatives drop the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protect Act Resources bill on the same day as hundreds of thousands converged on Washington D.C. to march for the right to life. The bill would ban all abortions after 20 weeks—after which point extreme pain can be felt by the unborn child Read more […]

Teen Girl and her Dad Want to Get “Married,” Move to NJ where Incest is Legal

A Great Lakes area teen girl reconnected with her estranged dad. Both of them “fell in love” with each other, and now they want to get “married” and raise a family of their own. And no, they’re not planning on adopting kids either. They’re actually planning on having their own kids. And they’re not planning on telling their kids that their dad and maternal grandpa are the same person. (You ever heard that song “I’m My Own Grandpa?” I think we’re headed that direction.) A Read more […]

New York Legalizes Incestuous Marriage

How many times have people made the observation that acceptance of homosexual “marriage” would lead to acceptance of other perversions like pedophilia, bestiality and incestuous relationships? Liberals will always say that gay marriage is here to stay, and that predictions of other perversions are nothing but slippery slope hysteria. Yet up in New York, they’ve set a precedent that allows for uncle-niece marriages: The New York Court of Appeals has unanimously overruled the state’s Read more […]

Australian Judge Endorses Incest

The dominoes of heteronormativity are falling. Many of my leftist friends (yes, I have a few) accused me of the slippery slope fallacy when I told them the normalization of homosexuality would lead to the eventual acceptance of other “formerly” aberrant sexual practices like pedophilia, bestiality, and incest. Well, sometimes what looks like a slippery slope fallacy is just an accurate prediction. An Australian judge recently declared that our modern society had moved on past condemning incest Read more […]