CDC: Measles Spread by Vaccinated

The CDC wasn’t the only party involved in the case study that found that even those who had been twice immunized by the MMR booster actually contracted the infection and spread it to others, even including those who had also been immunized from it. This is interesting, considering the way the recent measles outbreak in California is being politicized not only to push for vaccines, but also to demonize those who don’t vaccinate. Global Research reported: This erroneous thinking has led the public, Read more […]

Are Blacks Demanding Total Immunity From Being Arrested?

In the wake of what has been taking place in Ferguson, I can only conclude that many blacks are choosing to ignore the facts of what really happened between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. It also seems from many of the statements I’ve heard that these same blacks are basically demanding that no white police office ever be allowed to arrest or detain a black nor are they ever to be allowed to defend themselves when attacked by a black person. Brown’s parents are still claiming that Read more […]