Rahm Emanuel Pledges $250,000 for Chicago Gun Buyback Programs

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pledging $250,000 for various gun buyback programs throughout the city. If you actually have a good, functioning firearm, you probably won’t turn it in, no matter how much money they’re offering – well, unless they offer you more than what you paid for it. That way, you can take the money and buy a better gun. But that’s not likely to happen. In one of Boston’s recent gun buybacks, they offered either $100 or $200, depending on the quality and condition Read more […]

Gender Identity: Feds to Force School to Allow Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms

The largest school district in Illinois is under fire from the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights division. A male student had filed a lawsuit against the school district with the aid of the ACLU last year after he was barred from using the girls’ locker room. He believed that his civil rights were being violated, because even though he was born male, he now “identifies” as a female. Therefore, he should have access to the girls’ locker room. The school district is not Read more […]

Chicago Uber Driver Saves the Day with his Concealed Gun

An Uber driver with a concealed carry permit in Chicago saved pedestrians’ lives by shooting at an armed criminal who had opened fire on a group of people. The Daily Caller reported: Assistant State Attorney Barry Quinn said that 22-year-old Everardo Custodio began shooting at a group of pedestrians shortly before midnight Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported. The group was passing in front of a vehicle occupied by an unnamed 47-year-old Uber driver. The driver, who has a state-issued firearm Read more […]

Illinois Makes it a Felony to Record Police

Despite the state supreme court, it is now a felony to record police. How many times has a citizen’s recording of his encounter with a police officer (or even the cop’s own dashcam video) helped to corroborate the civilian’s story and exonerate him? Many times, if it hadn’t been for someone’s video footage of the confrontation, the civilian would be locked up for years, all because of what was written in the police report. Cops hate being recorded, especially by a “civilian.” Read more […]

Illinois Bakery Owner Shoots at Robber Armed with Toy Gun

The Illinois baker had no idea that the robber was in possession of a toy gun. It was apparently a large gun, according to the police chief, but it was only a replica. NBC Chicago reported: A bakery owner in Calumet city, south of Chicago, shot and wounded a robber on Tuesday after he and his employee were forced to the back of the shop. The owner of Cal City Bakery, which opened for business in February, said he bought the weapon for protection but never thought he’d have to use it. “I just Read more […]

Illinois Enacts Concealed Carry Law; Chicago Sees Drop in Crime

Until last year, Illinois was the only state to ban concealed carry. A U.S. Appeals Court struck down their ban as unconstitutional and required that the state enact a concealed carry law. Last summer in July, lawmakers came up with such a law, albeit a very restrictive one: The law as approved by the Legislature permits anyone with a Firearm Owner’s Identification card who has passed a background check and undergone gun-safety training of 16 hours — longest of any state — to obtain a concealed-carry Read more […]

Judges & State AG Following Holder’s Instructions to Break Laws

There is no secret that President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder repeatedly violate the US Constitution, federal laws and their oaths of office.  They willfully pick and choose what laws they want to enforce and what ones they don’t.  They ignore the legal process of going to Congress or state legislatures to overturn laws but just declaring what they intend to do anyway. Now they are encouraging others to break and violate laws that they don’t agree with also.  Last month, Read more […]

Illinois Bill Would Empower Complainers To Stop Free Speech

Anonymity is a cornerstone of free speech. It is also often used to do ill. If we lived in England, then the move by the Illinois legislature to interfere in the internet would make sense because they have no right of free speech. But we have the First Amendment; this nation has decided to deal with the risks and allow speech to remain free. This means permitting anonymity. Back during the French Revolution, the extremists got their way by demanding that trials be open and the members of the jury Read more […]

Obama’s Home State of Illinois Credit Rating Downgraded to Worst in Nation

Democrats have controlled much of Illinois and Chicago for the past ten years.  Barack Obama rose politically in the Illinois Democratic Party and shares many of the same ideologies that them.  The current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel is Obama’s former Chief of Staff.  And if you want to get a glimpse of where the American economy is headed, just take a look at Obama’s political home state of Illinois. Just last week, Standard and Poor’s downgraded Illinois’ credit rating from A to Read more […]

Illinois Pharmacies Allowed To Refuse to Sell Items That Violate Their Religious Faith

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich didn’t seem to care about upholding the law in more ways than one.  He is currently serving a prison sentence for trying to sell the senate seat vacated when Barack Obama was elected to the White House. Illinois has a law on its books that forbids the government from forcing people to provide healthcare that goes against the person’s religious beliefs.  But Blogojevich ignored the law and issued an executive order requiring all pharmacists had to Read more […]

Poll Shows Hispanics Agree With GOP, But Vote Democratic

One of the major demographic groups that overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama were the Hispanics.  Yet in a recent poll taken among Hispanics, it seems they side more with Republicans on many major issues. Mike McKeon in President of McKeon and Associates.  According to their website: “McKeon & Associates, formed in 1973, is a global public opinion research and strategic marketing firm.” “Michael McKeon, president of McKeon & Associates, has distinguished himself by accurately Read more […]

Abortion Clinic Closed After Months of Assaults Against Pro-Lifers

What would you do or be willing to endure if you knew the sum total of your actions saved at least one innocent life? That’s a question that pro-life demonstrators and prayer warriors had to ask themselves as they continued their efforts to shut down an abortion clinic in their area. Rockford, Illinois has some residents that strongly believe that the risks of physical assaults are worth enduring if it saved the lives of the city’s unborn children.  Over a prolong time, members of the Read more […]