Nominee for Attorney General Thinks Illegals Have Right to Work

Who has the “right” to work in the United States? According to Congress, those who are lawful citizens or lawful immigrants. According to Loretta Lynch, Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, illegals also have the right to work. Come again? Let’s unpack this whole right to work thing. What exactly is a right in the first place? According to the dictionary, the pertinent definition of right is “a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.” So Read more […]

Federal Hypocrisy on Illegal Immigrant Labor

Apparently, there’s a good reason why federal and state agencies don’t want you using illegal labor. And it’s not to free up jobs for taxpaying citizens—it’s apparently because they want more workers to fill the ranks of their detention centers. That’s right, immigrant detainees are a huge base of inexpensive labor for illegal immigrant detention centers all over the country: As the federal government cracks down on immigrants in the country illegally and forbids businesses to hire them, Read more […]

Illegal Immigration a Boon for Racists

Racists need all the help they can get in substantiating their claims that race/genetics predispose people to their fate. They have this claim that your material trumps the immaterial. For instance, if you are black, they assume you are destined for crime, low education, and poverty. They make similarly broad-stroked generalizations about Hispanic people. But the only Hispanic people they have ever seen are usually immigrants. And the only black people they take into account are slaves to the civil Read more […]

Texas Defied Obama & Secured The Border

“Illegal immigration is one issue, and we all understand why people want to come here. I’m a strong believer in legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. We have young girls being trafficked as slaves for immoral purposes across our border and through our state. This cannot be allowed.” – Texas Lt. Gov David Dewhurst Texas has taken a revolutionary step toward ending illegal immigration for good—at least in one state. For three weeks, in a plan led by the Lt. Governor of Texas, David Read more […]

113th Congress Will Not Vote on Immigration Reform

There are not enough legislative days left for the 113th Congress to decide anything about immigration reform. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy told reporters that there just isn’t enough time for Congress to decide anything concerning the 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. Depending on how this story spins, it could have disastrous results for either Republicans or Democrats. On one hand, President Obama garnered nearly 71% of Latino votes in the 2012 election, Read more […]

Immigration Reform Doesn’t Solve Any American Problems?

Let’s be honest, our immigration system is not broken, our government is broken. Our immigration system worked fine until the government started changing the rules some 40 or so years ago. Our government’s failure to enforce existing immigration laws—since the Reagan amnesty was granted—has created the illegal immigration mess that plagues both the American workforce and our nation’s entitlement culture. Yet somehow Americans are being brainwashed into believing—as it was with Obamacare—that Read more […]