Michelle Wilkins’ Murdered Child Only Had Value Because She Wanted It

On March 18th, a pregnant Michelle Wilkins went to the home of Dynel Lane, who had posted an ad on Craigslist for baby clothes. When Wilkins arrived at Lane’s home to purchase the clothes, she was attacked. Lane cut open Wilkins’ stomach and tore her baby from her uterus. Wilkins survived, but the child did not. This story has made headlines and mortified many Americans—as well it should. This was the gruesome act of an insane or purely evil person. However, some who are upset have no right Read more […]

The Difference Between Islam and Christian Extremism

A recent article in ThinkProgress (yes, I read ThinkProgress occasionally) uncovers the little known and horrifying truth: Christians can also be religious extremists! Horror of horrors! Ban Christianity yesterday! According to the, typically, daft author of this boilerplate inflammatory exposé: But there is a long history of terrorist attacks resembling McQuilliams’ rampage across Austin — where violence is carried out in the name of Christianity — in the United States and abroad. In America, Read more […]