Time Magazine: Global Warming Causes Volcanoes

All this time, I thought it was the other way around; that volcanoes contributed to the global climate. But apparently not. Volcanoes are actually caused by global warming itself. So, if you’re a conservative who doesn’t believe in all the global warming hype, then you’re partially to blame for all the destructive volcanoes around the world. The study which the Time magazine article used as its premise only dealt with Iceland. But leave it to Time magazine to extrapolate from that and assume Read more […]

Citizens of Iceland Overthrow Government Over Bank Fraud

Consider a country where banking interests balloon debt by lending to people who cannot possibly pay back their loans. These toxic assets then threaten to destroy the national economy. Banking interests plead with the civil government to rescue them for the sake of the economy. The civil government bails them out with taxpayer money. Sound familiar? Well, that’s where the similarities end between the banking crisis in Iceland which began in 2008, and the banking crisis that occurred in the States Read more […]